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Having a GNG is something more than buying a guitar.
A deep relationship born with the instruments, and soon we all become part of a growing community of passionate and professional musicians worldwide.
We call this the "Tribe", once you get a GNG, you become a Triber.

We share some great moments together during the expos and on stage, we also have a closed Facebook group reserved for the GNG's owners, the perfect place to share pictures and moment with our instrument. (And
 even a WhatsApp chat! I won't share any of those crazy posts here...)

  • Please find below some words about GNG, from their freely shared Facebook posts. 
  • Scroll down to see some photos of Live Tribers.
"I keep my promise to you that I will get one GNG guitar at least every year, which will continue until I die. Haha! I think I'm a really fanatic guy for GNG!"
Yasunori S. - JAPAN 
"Special thanks to Giulio Negrini, for the SHEN, my fellow 10 strings... such sound and playability are not that easy  to find, yet I have them all, from down to dusk, owning a GNG!" 
Mikahel R. - ITALY
"Never played a finer guitar before in my life. The aesthetics are a perfect match for the quality of the sound and playability. Giulio is very knowledgeable about his work. I ended up making some changes because when you actually play one of his 'works of art', and I mean that with all sincerity, there were some unexpected surprises, good ones! I wanted a neck through body at first, but ended up with the bolt on neck instead. My Jackson is a neck through but I am so glad I tried his guitars first. I went with the multiscale frets, they felt very natural to me and I had no problem whatsoever playing with them. His hand-wound pickups have a superior quality with the even highs-mids-lows whether they are clean or with gain. He explained why hand wound are superior to machine wound.The fret jobs are impeccable, he uses stainless steel frets. I would love for you to try one of his guitars and see how it stacks up against your PRS. I'm playing a high end Jackson, the SL2H Soloist, and I can tell a noticeable difference in quality. I learned today that a pepperoni in Italy is very different from what we call a pepperoni in America. We ate some fantastic food at a restaurant. 
Thanks for the kindness and hospitality Giulio." 
Robert R., USA
"Beside incredible aesthetics?....TONE!!! When I plugged the! It was like my amp always missed something, until now."
Marco D.V. - ITALY
"Giulio did an outstanding job on my guitar. His design is simply brilliant, but this beast is not just about looking as great as it does. I always treated myself with nice guitars, but I didn't know any better until I put my hands on this GNG Morgoth, my first custom made guitar. At first, I felt a little intimidated, but it was a matter of minutes for me and this beauty to become best friends. It plays soft, fast, smooth as I never experienced before. The sustain is simply offensive, if compared to other guitars, let's not even talk about it, it wouldn't be fair. Those frets...very resistant, since I am self taught, and rough in my playing, my fingers are very heavy and strong on the strings, but bendings have never been this easy, and after a few months I have been playing my gng every day, frets don't show any smallest sign. The sound is very unique, this guitar is different from anything I've heard or played before. It is round and fat, it can even get bluesy in the neck position, while sharp and loud in the bridge position, it's definitely a modern metal guitar, but it plays without any problem from blues, to rock. It is also extremely light, which on long sessions sure makes a difference. Giulio was just cool to deal with, and understood all my requests and needs during the process of building this masterpiece. Old school luthery applied to such a modern instrument. Grazie Giulio!"
Max R. - ITALY

"Simply the best of the best. I have owned about thirty guitars, and nothing gets close enough to a GNG. Regarding feeling, playability, building quality... almost everything to make it short. My two custom GNGs are the natural extension of my arms while I play them.  I chose to buy them reading the information on the website, then I listened to Dr.Viossy playing them on his masterpieces, but the love at first sight got me while I listened to Giulio, playing his Morgoth in a live show years ago near Brescia"  
Tony C., ITALY
 "I’ ve discovered GNG ’cause a friend told me about his beautiful creations. So I searched GNG on the web and I saw some cool videos about amazing guitarists, extended range instruments and powerful riffs, then I discovered the Fëanor headless bass. And I’ve fallen in love. This is the reason why I wanted to meet Giulio, we spent an afternoon talkin about the Fëanor bass and my customizations: measures, features, woods, finishes and look! Thank You very much Giulio." Fabiano A. - ITALY
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