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The Modern Doublecut: BREA
Brea is named after the little village of Bree in Middle-earth's fantasy world, situated strategically where various creatures and races converge.
Similarly, Brea merges all the best features of guitar-making history in a modern, double cutaway design.
This classic concept has been reimagined to cater to the needs of contemporary musicians and evolving playing techniques.
With improved access to higher frets, a versatile scale lengths availability (including multiscale and True Temperament), and handcrafted pickups designed for balanced frequency response, Brea delivers a full, defined yet snappy and articulate tone.
The lighter and more responsive headstock, along with a low string profile, allows for comfortable and efficient picking, resulting in faster and clearer performances.
Offering a wide range of tonewood combinations, Brea aims to perfectly match the needs and tone preferences of the modern musician.
Carefully engineered proportions ensure perfect balance, while also providing ample space for comfortable shredding in the higher ranges.
A wide variety of tonewood, electronics, and hardware combinations is available, to perfectly tune and match the mix that fits best for every single musician, with his own needs and personal tone-research.

  • designed for prog, fusion, and rock
  • better reach of the higher frets
  • improved playability, elliptical neck shape
  • beveled armrest, carved top
  • GNG pickups, custom designed
  • resonant and lightweight
  • available with True Temperament™ Frets
  • low action, enhanced performance setup
  • fully customizable
Bestselling version: 6 strings Carved
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