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A fully loaded instrument, ten fully usable strings allow limitless phrasing, both in the guitar and bass ranges (Low C#1 .105" to high A5 .009"). 
  • The shape is designed to allow playing the guitar in different positions; standing, sitting, and can be kept like a cello player does with his instrument, with the neck closer to the body to reach all the full range of the fretboard with ergonomic adaptability. 
  • Multiscale fretted 29.4" to 22.5", fretless on the high register of the bass strings, headless with Italian made bridges and locknuts, half-scalloped higher frets, yin-yang ebony/maple fretboard and more, keep reading below for more specs.
Shen is such a f*cking beauty to play and live with! M
y fellow 10 strings... such sound and playability are not easy to find, yet I have them all, from down to dusk, owning a GNG! 
Just freaking play it!"
(Mikahel Raiden - Italy)
Custom shaped headless design, outstanding reach of the higher frets with a smooth neck joint, multiscaled to reach an impressive balanced frequency response, tight low strings with singing smooth treble. 
The precise barycenter, ergonomic multiscale fretting, hi-grade Italian hardware and special neck profile bring the player to fast and clean performances. 
A wide variety of tonewood combinations available, to perfectly tune and match the combination that fits best for every single musician, with his own needs and personal tone-research.
  • One piece European flamed maple body 
  • Set-in European flamed maple neck (reinforced with carbon bars) 
  • Yin-Yang ebony/maple fingerboard 
  • 22,5"/29,5" multiscale fretting 
  • Fretless from 12th to 24th on the low 5 strings 
  • Scalloped from 15th to 24th in the high 5 strings
  • Custom neck shape to fit the left hand all over the neck length
  • Quality Italian T4M headless bridges and locking nut set, custom made to fit the 10 strings feature (A.009, EBGDAE, B, F#.085 to lower C#.105)
  • Custom hand wound pickups by GNG, HSH configuration
  • Coil-tap, 5 way switching, Killswitch 
  • Direct bridge pickup out 
  • Double jack input to custom fit the playability between seated ergonomic studying and stage rocking, 
  • Volume, Tone.
  • My comfortable neck's profile is available, asymmetrical for multistring instruments: it allows tireless hours of study and rock performances. 
    Stainless steel frets are included in all my instruments, due to the unbeatable performance superiority and lasting unwearable feature of the hard, hi-polished surface: expect to go faster and play cleanly. 
    You can choose to enrich the aesthetics of your custom SHEN with any inlay imaginable, I use a large palette of materials: stones, precious shells, resins, exotic woods and metals. You can even have your fretboard glossy finished with all the colors you desire. 
    • ten fully usable strings
    • custom designed for ergonomic comfort and killer looking impact
    • ergonomic adaptability with three different playing positions
    • easy access to the higher frets
    • improved playability and tone enhancing Multiscale
    • fretless on the high register of the bass strings
    • Italian made hi-quality bridges and locknuts
    • fast yet comfortable asymmetrical neck profile
    • half-scalloped higher frets
    • scatter wound custom GNG pickups
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